The definition of Japan Wine

Japanese Wine means wine produced in Japan, yet all wine is not categorised as “Japan Wine”. 

Japan Wine (日本ワイン) is only called that wine is made from grapes grown exclusively in Japan, which means producers wine by using 100% of grapes grown in Japan. If producers use grapes grown from overseas even just 1% to make wine in Japan, “Japan Wine” cannot be stated on label and those wines cannot be categorised as “Japan Wine”. However, “Japan wine” is categorised under “Domestically produced Wine” (国内製造ワイン), whereas “Japanese Wine” can be meant as “Domestically produced Wine”. J-Vinfiity, we import and sell only “Japan Wine” in Hong Kong. 

Regions of Japan Wine

According to Japan Tax Agency, Japan Wine are made at 45 out of 47 prefectures in Japan. Majority of winery are very tiny, boutique and family own wineries. There are 331 wineries within Japan and in terms of production volume, top 5 prefectures ( Yamanashi:山梨, Nagano:長野, Hokkaido: 北海道, Yamagata:山形, Iwate:岩手by descending order) account for 60% of total production amount by volume. 

Annual production amount by volume 

The total amount of “Domestically produced Wine” is 16,612 kl* and “Japan Wine” within it only accounts for 20% (3322.4 kl). According to the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) report, Italy was the number one position for the highest producing wine by volume in 2018, and its production amount was 54.8 million hl, 330 time greater than Japan (Japan Wine).  This means indeed the production of Japan Wine is super tiny production amount.  

The ratio of type in Japan Wine

The ratio for red and white wines to produce Japan Wine are nearly same. Production of red wine accounts for 43.1% whereas white sine does 45.6%, which indicate white wine produce slightly greater than red wine in Japan.

Grape varieties for Japan Wine

Producers can use any grape varieties as long as they grown in Japan. International grape variety such as Chardonnay, Kerner, Merlot, Pinot Noir as well as Japanese specialties – Koshu, Muscat Baily- A – can be found. The wild grape –  Yamabudou – is also possible to produce wine although it is very tiny production.  Niagara, Kyoho, Delaware can be easily found in both table grapes and wines in Japan market, however it is quite controversial its flavour profile in international market.